Eating your HTML.

I once took a computer programming class. Or, tried to take a computer programming class might be more accurate. After a few lessons I could not figure out what language we were even speaking so I dropped the class, opting to take something in mathematics or philosophy instead.

I think a lot of people find HTML to be daunting. It seems unrelatable and foreign. What do all the numbers and symbols mean? Why does it matter what format you save a file in? Where can you even learn these things?

But learning HTML is actually a lot like learning anything else. I used to be horrible at baking because I was never able to measure ingredients correctly, and would absentmindedly wander away from the oven only to return to a burnt pan of whatever I was trying to turn into cookies. It was a new language I had to learn. Take, for example, this recipe for one of my specialties, Apple Cinnamon Crumb Muffins. The steps given might seem foreign to someone who hasn’t taken the time to learn baking yet, too. “1/4 teaspoon ground all-spice?” Like the men’s fragrance? What’s the difference between wheat and all-purpose flour?

Learning a new skill takes time and patience, and sometimes a lot of research. I’m currently trying to learn to crochet (because I’m not busy enough already) and am struggling with the simplest stitches, not to mention learning a whole new vocabulary. But I can relate it to sewing and I want to be able to make my own hat, so I stick with it. I want to start composting because it’s good for the environment, so I found a children’s guide to doing it (the simpler the better for me) and have a friend committed to helping me, even providing me with worms.

People just need to remember that learning HTML is like learning any other skill. You start out with the basics and then move on to researching more in-depth information on how to do it. It’s a useful skill to have, as the internet becomes more prominent in our lives and information technology careers become more in demand.

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