Google (Scholar) is king.

I have been sick the past week and a half, which means a lot of my time has been spent on my computer in bed. One of my favorite online sites is Hulu. On this website you can subscribe to, view, and share television shows and movies for free (mostly) and legally. If I were to want to research something about online culture, I thought, why not look up information on watching videos online!

Searching Google was frustrating because it was difficult to find actually relevant research. Google Scholar was much more reliable for finding pertinent research and articles. On Google Scholar just by searching “online video,” which in regular Google turned up video hosting sites, I found information on Youtube and participatory culture and how video sharing improves online socialization.

Loyola’s online library search system was also frustrating with my search for anything related to “online video,” because it turned up a lot of information on how to teach online or online video games but not video hosting or sharing. One interesting thing I found, though, was a DVD about growing up in a digital culture; however, being from 4 years ago it’s probably outdated already.

All three of these would be useful to formulate a thesis around how online video streaming, hosting, sharing, and downloading (all useable search terms!) can help foster an online social community.

Now if only they could make my episodes of New Girl load faster while I drink tea and take Tylenol….

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