The time consumed by new technology is an issue very relevant today. Where has all of my time gone, I recently caught myself thinking. Then it hit me. I was spending most of my free time at home on the computer, either doing homework or trying to relax. This method of relaxing, though, only kept my brain active and made it more difficult to think.

Last night I decided to take a break for a while. Returning home early from class, I decided instead of going on the internet I would spend some time cooking. One of the reasons I wanted to move was to have a larger kitchen. There was barely any room to move around in my previous kitchen, and very limited counter space. My new kitchen is very open and has ample room for food prep. I decided to make one of my favorite meals, fried eggplant with pasta and a homemade tomato sauce. There were a few snags involving my cat Sausage trying to trip me and an “overdone” eggplant piece setting off the smoke alarm, but it was fun and delicious!

After finishing, however, I instinctively sat down to my computer, checked my email, and put on an episode of The Bachelor (which was for research for an article I am writing– no, really!).

How much time do we really waste online every day? What could we be using that time for instead? I always used to say that if I’d never watched television as a child I may know two more languages or be a concert pianist by now.

I think the best thing to do is limit new media usage, and keep it to useful things. Instead of spending hours online on my tumblr I can look up a fun project to do at home, like this lamp idea.Image

I think this weekend I will try to use the internet in the way the author first thought it would be used- to improve my life outside of the net!

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